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Birla High School Alumni Benevolent Trust

You are aware that Birla High School Alumni Benevolent Trust was founded in 2010 with the initiative of some senior members, chiefly our Late President, Shri Vinod ji Neotia and Shri B. K. Jhawar and a group of members. We have all been students of this great institution and in the course of our career we have had the benefit and guidance of several teachers during their tenure. Many of them have retired, aged and some of them are facing difficult time because of financial constraints.

One of the major objectives of this Trust is to offer valuable support to these teachers because of their health and financial situation. It is a very laudable objective as it is one way of offering our 'Guru Dakshina'.

We have assisted many of our very senior retired teachers. Recently, we have provided financial support to two of our retired teachers, Shri K. K. Pandey, Sports teacher and Shri S.K. Singh, Hindi teacher who at present is hospitalized due to paralyses. We have also borne the major cost of hip realignment of our present school teacher, Shri A. K. Bhowmik.

It is imperative that the Trust Fund should continuously grow in order to enable it fulfil this critical objective. With this in mind, your Alumni appeals to all its Members to extend their helping hand by contributing whatever their heart & finances permit. Even a token donation would be most welcome.

Kindly respond in whatever way you feel appropriate by sending your contribution in the name of the Trust. We are sure that these contributions, small or big, will be a great source of encouragement to everyone. Each drop is important and thousands of drops fill the bucket !!